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德国hydac 冷却器 价格美丽
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德国hydac 冷却器 价格美丽
德国贺德克HYDAC产品的应用范围十分广泛,几乎覆盖各行各业,尤其在冶金工业、汽车工业、电力设备、化工、工程机械、造纸工业、造船工业以及机床制造等领域都得到广泛应用。HYDAC公司的分公司或子公司遍布全世界三十多个国家和地区,其中在美国、 法国、印度、英国、瑞士、意大利及中国等地均有生产制造基地,超过5000雇员。HYDAC Technology GmbH产品的供货范围主要包括以下几个方面:蓄能器技术: 皮囊式蓄能器、活塞式蓄能器、隔膜式蓄能器、各类减振器等。流体过滤技术:各类液压、润滑过滤器、滤油车、真空脱水车、油品检测仪。
冷却技术: 油/风冷却器、水冷却器,各类冷却装置,供油泵。
德国hydac 冷却器 价格美丽
Hydraulic and lubrication systems play a major role in almost all stationary and mobile machines. The fluids used transmit power, provide lubrication, channel away heat and protect from corrosion.
In all hydraulic systems, energy is converted and transported. This involves some energy being lost, in the form of heat. The task of the cooling systems is to dissipate the heat.
Whether your cooling involves air or water, return flow or bypass flow, standard or customized solutions - we are always happy to help.
Air cooling is a simple means of dissipating heat, a by-product of the efficiency losses, within industrial and mobile machines.
The fluid - usually oil or water-glycol - flows though a cooler. A fan draws air and drives it through the cooling element. Thus, there is a temperature difference and heat exchange takes place resulting in an increase in air temperature which is then released in the environment.
This process reduces the average temperature of the fluid up to a few Celsius degrees over the actual environmental temperature.
A wide range of coolers is available, with either axial and radial fan designs, AC, DC electric drives and hydraulic motors ensure versatility in catering to a variety of applications and ambient conditions.
Air coolers - stationary
AC-LN - Standard series
Cooling capacity up to 200kW
with pump and filter for bypass cooling
with continuous speed control
OSCA / OSCAF - low noise series
Cooling capacity up to 20kW
with radial fan
with pump and filter for bypass cooling
OK-ELC - compact series
Cooling capacity up to 34kW
compact motor-fan unit
Air coolers - mobile
OK-ELD - mobile series
Cooling capacity up to 34kW
with DC fan
OK-ELH / AC-LNH - mobile series
Cooling capacity up to 140kW
with hydraulic motor
德国hydac 冷却器 价格美丽
HYDAC贺德克建立于1963年,是工业和移动液压,流体技术领域的全球性系统提供商。在全世界拥有超过6800名员工,其生产的贺德克 HYDAC传感器、HYDAC贺德克过滤器和流体技术产品是全球公认的高端品牌。HYDAC贺德克的供应方案,包括液压蓄能器,液体过滤器,程序过滤器,冷却器,电液控制/工业阀门,传感器系统的压力,编码器测量和电磁技术,缸,泵,安装技术,电枢,状态监测等。
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