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德国hirschmann 移动路由器 国内现货
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德国hirschmann 移动路由器 国内现货
它流行的原因我想 一是因为其标准化为世界范围内接受通用性强。
德国hirschmann 移动路由器 国内现货
The OWL 3G Industrial Cellular Router offers increased routing functionalities and advanced security capabilities in a single, reliable product. Its Web interface supports a rich set of configurations and the enhanced software technologies make it easy to customize. 
Optimal network performance – redundancy provided by dual SIM cards and two Ethernet ports guarantees the highest network availability in harsh conditions, along with best-in-class integrated firewall protection to address growing security concerns.
Easily configurable and customizable – while remaining simple to configure and use with minimal product knowledge, its open LINUX platform allows for advanced customization.
Reliable remote access – remote access to widely distributed machines, industrial equipment and mobile applications enables customers to monitor and control industrial equipment remotely. This minimizes time-consuming on-site visits and delivers cost savings.
The OWL 3G is designed for industrial applications where hardened, industrial-grade solutions are required to deliver high-performance routing, while ensuring network security.
The OWL 3G is a reliable routing and security solution for industrial applications. The router’s configuration reduces total infrastructure costs by combining functionalities; decreases potential failure points; and makes overall management and monitoring easier. 
As machine builders, system integrators and automation vendors search for easy and cost-effective ways to monitor and troubleshoot machines without going on-site or creating connections where wired networks are not feasible, the OWL 3G’s cellular capabilities become vastly important. Problems can be solved quickly and support costs can be drastically reduced with the OWL 3G’s remote access capabilities.
德国hirschmann 移动路由器 国内现货
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